About Me

About Me Need content that inspires the reader? Would you like to refresh the company page, not only changing the layout, but also the content? A graduate of the Faculty of History (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań), the Postgraduate Study in Editing (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań) and the Postgraduate Studies in Advertising and Promotion (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań) invites you to cooperate.

Contact me via the form or by sending an email, you can also find me on LinkedIn.


I work as a copywriter/content writer/web writer/editor. From 2011 I have gained experience in preparing product descriptions and product categories descriptions, as well as thematic articles, blog entries, presentations of companies and guides from many different fields. So far I have written for example or Allegro, DaWanda, Pyszne.pl, Zalando and Adamed. I have been also involved in proofreading, editing and conceptual work on the topics of the articles.

I specialize in the following topics: maternity, children and education, diet and vegetarian cooking, interior design, travel, leisure, education and careers.

I provide an individual approach to each client, as well as reliable and execution of orders on time.


What do I do?


  • Thematic and specialised articles
  • Guide-type texts
  • Sales texts for webpages (mainly guide-type texts)
  • Blog entries
  • Sponsored articles
  • Short news and press releases
  • Texts that analyze test results and reports
  • Product descriptions and product categories descriptions
  • Product reviews
  • Content of the company website (presentation of activities, description of services, etc.)
  • SEO articles (substantive, high-quality)
  • Articles for custom publishing
  • Content of information leaflets and posters
  • Creative copywriting (naming, slogans/advertising taglines)

Other services:

  • Content insertion via CMS (Content Management Systems such as WordPress and dedicated CMS systems)
  • Photo edition (photo selection from stocks)
  • Conceptual work on proposals for title articles based on the indicated topics
  • Text editing and proofreading
  • Rewording of existing articles according to different guidelines, eg. if you need to add keywords or catchy headlines
  • Writing texts based on English-language sources
  • Translation of content from English into Polish (general vocabulary, nonspecialist)