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I work as a copywriter/content writer/web writer/editor. From 2011 I have gained experience in preparing product descriptions and product categories descriptions, as well as thematic articles, blog entries, presentations of companies and guides from many different fields. So far I have written for example or Allegro, DaWanda, Pyszne.pl, Zalando and Adamed. I have been also involved in proofreading, editing and conceptual work on the topics of the articles.

I encourage you to read the sample texts (in Polish) and portfolio of my works from specific thematic categories:

  1. Upbringing and early maternity
  2. Education and childcare
  3. Accessories for children
  4. Health care and health prevention
  5. Culinary and diet
  6. Interior design
  7. Real estate market, home construction and renovation
  8. Animals
  9. Hobbies and leisure, holidays
  10. Sports and automotive
  11. Travel
  12. Fashion
  13. Education and professional career
  14. Economy, business, services, finance
  15. Editing and proofreading