Economy, business, services, finances

Sample texts:

  1. Amway: Amway, Ikea, Coca Cola – działania CSR znanych marek (link)
  2. Amway: Dlaczego chcemy zakładać firmę, a co nas przed tym powstrzymuje? (link)
  3. Amway: Światowy Raport Amway na temat Przedsiębiorczości (link)
  4. Hewlett Packard: Koszty wydruku w firmie – oryginalność się opłaca (link)
  5. Jakie wady i zalety ma umowa o dzieło? (link)
  6. Czy przedsiębiorca może uzyskać dofinansowanie ze środków unijnych na projekty badawczo-rozwojowe? (link)

Portfolio of works:

  1. Amwayarticles about CSR activities carried out by Amway in Poland and in the world; texts analyzing the “Amway World Report on Entrepreneurship 2015”
  2. CupoNation.pldescriptions of the history of brands and offers of selected e-stores with simultaneous announcement of promotions and rebate codes for purchases in these stores
  3. European Foundation for Human Rights – preparation of the content of the radio recording (duration: 30 seconds) describing the Foundation’s activities and encouraging cooperation
  4. Exea.pltexts about storage of files in the cloud
  5. ExpoVortal.comeditorial office of news on trade fair events (editorial service from January to March 2006)
  6. FunduszeDlaMazowsza.euarticles on the possibility of obtaining EU subsidies granted to Mazovia under the RPO WM 2014-2020 program
  7. Initiative Group of the Residents of the “Folwarczna Stop” description of the photo gallery; the content of posters encouraging to support the Group’s activities and / or informing about events in the area; selected articles from the “News” section on the website (including the Initiative Group arm in arm with CH M1, Another point in the city gained !, This stop is Afera !, Grupa Inicjatywna na Zielona, Radio Emaus: Chairman of the Council The city supports the renovation of Folwarczna St., “Ratajskie News” about our stop); naming “Stop like painted” campaign, participation in preparation works on the regulations, a participant’s questionnaire and agreement between the parties participating in the project, preparing a press release, and the content of an email encouraging educational and educational institutions to participate in the action
  8. Hewlett Packardarticle presenting the advantages of using original HP toners and inks that give the company savings
  9. – description of the history and offer of the online store
  10. – a text about the advantages and disadvantages of the contract for specific work
  11. Narodowy Bank Polski – description of economic / political categories / issues for the NBP website –
  12. PackLink.pldescriptions of courier services
  13. Pyszne.plarticles encouraging to order online food and travel, using accommodation places rented through the platform
  14. Red Bullarticles encouraging to participate in the Red Bull Mobile Collect loyalty program
  15. Rzetelna Firmaarticles for industry websites and blogs about the advantages of having a Certificate of Reliability
  16. SuperTreść.plbusiness descriptions from various industries for industry websites and blogs
  17. TextBroker.pldescriptions of bookbinding machines for the needs of the LinkedIn portal for one of the leading manufacturers of this type of equipment; English translation to Polish FAQs regarding the ranking of polyclinic dating sites
  18. widzialni.pltexts on forwarding, logistics and security services offered by advertising and interactive agencies; texts on cleaning, financial and accounting services, stock market investments as well as on navigations for mobile devices