Sample texts:

  1. Apartamenty Laguna: Międzyzdroje i dzieci (link)
  2. Apartamenty Laguna: Plaża w Świnoujściu (link)
  3. Apartamenty Laguna: Wakacje i urlop w Międzyzdrojach (link)
  4. Biuro Pracy Axidus: Zabawa w Holandii (link)
  5. Rajski wypoczynek na Szmaragdowym Wybrzeżu (link)
  6. FloraQueen: Francja – kraina miłością i winem płynąca – tekst na dole strony (link)
  7. FloraQueen: Kwiaty świata: Anglia (link)
  8. FloraQueen: Kwiaty świata: Belgia (link)
  9. FloraQueen: Kwiaty świata: Egipt (link)
  10. Trzy doliny – ślub w narciarskim raju Francji (link)
  11. Weekend w europejskiej stolicy? City break w modzie (link)
  12. Camping Village le Parisien (link)
  13. Camping w Bretanii – luksusowy pomysł na prawdziwie francuskie wakacje! (link)
  14. Camping Woferlgut Sportscamp (link)
  15. Luksusowy camping w magicznej Dolinie Loary (link)
  16. Najlepszy camping na wakacje? Tylko w hiszpańskiej Kantabrii! (link)
  17. Toskania – luksusowy camping w sercu Włoch (link)

Portfolio of works:

  1. Apartamenty Lagunadescriptions of tourist attractions in Świnoujście and Międzyzdroje
  2. Biuro Pracy Axidusarticle about why it is worth combining work in the Netherlands with visiting this country
  3. Campeggi.comdescriptions of Italian cities, regions and natural attractions in Italy, such as the Emerald Coast and Lake Endine
  4. CarDelMar.plpresenting a car rental offer in Toronto by describing places worth visiting in this city and in its immediate vicinity
  5. CasaMundo.plarticles presenting the tourist values of specific towns with the lodging of accommodation in their summer houses and apartments
  6. FloraQueendescriptions of cities and countries to which the FloraQueen e-florist delivers flowers
  7. Fru.pldescription of the flight connection from Gdańsk to Malmö; themed articles on visiting cities, regions and countries
  8. – themed articles presenting tourist attractions of cities, regions and countries
  9. Itakaarticle about Morocco; re-editing of two travel articles
  10. Lux-Camp (DBF)articles about tourist regions and descriptions of specific campsites (mainly based on English-language sources)
  11. – texts about various railway connections in Poland
  12. TUIvillas.comarticles about European cities and regions encouraging you to book accommodation
  13. VacanceSelect.comextensive descriptions of European glamping, camping and recreation centers along with the presentation of regions and tour suggestions
  14. „Welcome to Poznań & Wielkopolska” – support for editorial work; editorial office of press releases (editorial internship from July to August 2006)
  15. widzialni.pltexts about hotels; texts about the benefits of traveling in caravans
  16. – texts about visiting Polish and foreign cities and about natural attractions such as mountain ranges and the Muskauer Park